The above link takes you to www.beam.mw/mining which has a mining calculator and various other resources to assist with your Beam mining. For a quickstart guide, please click the link on the left to see pool connection information.

I recommend Gminer for NVIDIA GPU or lolMiner for AMD GPU.


Miner payments are sent automatically upon each confirmed block and all mined rewards should land in your wallet, whenever you open up your Beam wallet app. There is no need to request payouts. Payout times are on the hour, every hour and will push for 10 mins. Simply open your wallet between :00 and :10 of any hour, and your mined rewards will be sent to you!

Below you will find quick and easy command lines which you can copy and paste into your required miner/operating system.

Command Line for various miners

MiniZ miniZ.exe --url=ssl://[email protected]:1690 --telemetry --ocX ./miniZ --url ssl://[email protected]:1690 --telemetry --ocX
LolMiner lolMiner.exe --coin BEAM --tls on --pool --user WALLET.WORKER ./lolMiner --coin BEAM --tls on --pool --user WALLET.WORKER
Gminer miner.exe --algo beamhash --server --ssl 1 --user WALLET.WORKER ./miner --algo beamhash --server --ssl 1 --user WALLET.WORKER
Bminer bminer.exe -uri ssl://[email protected]:1690 ./bminer -uri ssl://[email protected]:1690
OpenCL beamMiner.exe --server --key WALLET.WORKER ./beamMiner --server --key WALLET.WORKER